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Renovating is an economical way to give your garden a fresh new look. Plant material can be saved, divided and transplanted, or replaced. Soils can be amended with compost or re-graded to add definition. Fresh plant material, along with re-edging or re-shaping beds, can complete the look. I meet with clients on site, free of charge, to identify their goals.
During a formal paid consultation, I provide professional advice and information on how to realize a client's goals. Depending on the project, consultation could cover soil amendments, drainage improvements, the identification of existing plant material, and how to enhance overall design. We often consider transplanting existing plant material as well as adding new material, along with hard landscaping elements such as riverwash stone, ornamental rocks, garden structures or art installations. Choosing the proper mulch is also important, as it helps retain moisture, control weeds and contribute to a garden's overall aesthetic.
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